By using (employing) Shining Stars Childminding you are in acceptance of the below terms and conditions. The terms and conditions will not be suited to individual cases and we reserve the right to adjust them from time to time without notice


  • “Shining Stars”, “Shining Stars Childminding” means the service supplied by Jane Kay and Neil Kay
  • “contracted hours” means the hours agreed between the client and shining Stars Childminding.


  • Shining Stars Childminding (Jane Kay and Neil Kay) will provide a service for the safekeeping of children during the contracted hours
  • The client shall agree to deliver or arrange for suitable pickup of the child


  • Payment will be via cash, cheque or bank transfer (cleared funds due on 7th day each month)
  • Shining Stars Childminding (Jane Kay and Neil Kay) are entitled to charge a set fee due to late payment
  • Shining Stars do not provide any credit facility
  • Pro-rata refunds will not be issued if you cancel your placement early.


  • The client agrees to indemnify Shining Stars Childminding (Jane Kay and Neil Kay) and its employees from any liabilities, legal fees, damages, losses , costs and other expenses in relation to any claims brought against Shining Stars Childminding (Jane and Neil Kay) out of breach by the client of the terms of this agreement

Term and termination

  • This agreement is effective from the date the placement is booked and will continue until terminated by either party by writing of intentions.
  • Shining Stars Childminding (Jane Kay and Neil Kay) reserve the right to terminate the agreement with immediate affect by written notice to the client.
  • The term will be agreed by Shining Stars Childminding (Jane Kay and Neil Kay) and the client and followed up with a written confirmation. Payment for this period will be required in full.

Force Majeure

  • Neither party shall be liable for any delay